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The more you missed, the more you have to pick up.If you can hit a target, you can hit a receivers hands, Shaw said. And by the end, Dak was hardly missing any.

com over the phone on Wednesday night. And I had the opportunity to work with Dak before the draft Junior Seau Jersey. What I noticed about Dak was, this guy had the same desire, work ethic, the same traits as Brady.

Tom Brady-Dak Prescott comparison? A former trainer Kamagra Soft online, generic nolvadex weighs in For Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, the hyperbole has turned into reality. Those who gushed over him in the preseason, lavishing over-the-top praise, have found those compliments to be just and warranted.

The most important thing for him was to learn how to play football. Using his performance center Wide World of Sports at Disney World, Shaw has trained countless elite athletes. Brady was among his first proteges.

He also points out that Brady’s left hand is often in front of his face while throwing to keep his motion together . And Dak does it, too Shaw said. Follow Ian Rapoport on Twitter

As the fourth-round rookie has led Dallas to a 10-1 record and taken franchise quarterback Tony Romo’s job, he has earned it all. So while respected trainer Tom Shaw used to whisper the comparisons he saw between pupils Patriots QB Tom Brady and Prescott, he now no longer feels compelled to keep quiet Lamar Miller Jersey. I had Tom Brady coming out of college as a rookie and then the first seven years of his career, Shaw told NFL.

I told his agents Rick (Roberts) and Jeff (Guerriero) ‘I’m not saying he’s going to be the next Tom Brady, but he has all the intangibles to do exactly the same thing. All Dak wants is to be the best. When he wakes up in the morning, that’s what he wants.

Nobody wants to be compared to anyone else Chiefs Authentic Womens Jersey Nike. But he was the hardest worker, guys gravitate towards him, he was the first one there. Shaw trailed off, but his point was clear.

No, they aren’t the same player. Brady has three Super Bowl MVP awards and two regular-season MVPs, while Prescott is merely a rookie who has the Cowboys a win away from a playoff berth.But when you examine the way they carry themselves, Shaw believes they are identical.

Dick Rehbein was the Patriots QB coach in 2000 and 2001, and he passed along to Shaw a drill involving placing targets for every route across a field, set up with strings. A bucket-size target for a go-route, a smaller target for a comeback, different size for a curl. Prescott would make his drops and throw 200 footballs at the targets, go pick up the ones he missed, then throw 200 more.

He didn’t throw one in the month of November.But it wasn’t always that way. Shaw brings up another Brady connection.

The former Patriots speed and conditioning coach Packers Authentic Jersey Online, Shaw worked under Mike Woicik and won three Super Bowl rings.But it’s not just running and lifting. The Prescott you’ll see tonight is polished, with 18 touchdowns and just two interceptions.


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True or not, those Bucs teams set a standard in the modern era that not even the Lions could reach (those amateurs lost only 19 consecutive games, though 16 came in one doomed season).1. Johnny Unitas’ 47 consecutive games with a touchdown pass Hands down the most impressive streak in NFL history.

LaDainian Tomlinson’s 18-consecutive games with a rushing TD Tomlinson tied Lenny Moore for most consecutive games with a touchdown, but LT holds the mark for most consecutive games with rushing TDs in 2004-05, which makes the record a touch more impressive. He also holds the NFL’s longest streak for most playoff games spent on an exercise bike, but Jay Cutler could challenge that.5.

Of course, Rice often credits his longevity and ability to record streaks to all of the time he spent bull riding, playing soccer and sprinting against race horses. Oh wait, he did none of those things.3.

And Favre’s adherence to the streak during his Jets days might have cost Eric Mangini his job.4 Arizona Cardinals Elite Jersey. Jerry Rice’s 13 consecutive games with a touchdown Sure, you might give the nod to Rice’s record of 274 games with a reception, but the touchdown streak is a bit more impressive here.

Who has the NFLs version of DiMaggios streak? The sports world just celebrated the start of Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak, which began 70 years ago on Sunday.

Buccaneers lose 26 consecutive games The Buccaneers started their NFL tenure with an unimpressive 0-26 mark New Style Chicago Bears Authentic VIP Jersey Official Boutiques. After one loss, Bucs coach John McKay was asked about his team’s execution. McKay was believed to have quipped, I am all for it.


Considered: Tom Brady’s 338 passes without an interception, Don Hutson’s consecutive seasons leading the league in scoring, Jim McMahon’s 25 consecutive wins (regular and postseason included).And without further ado .6.


Barry Sanders’ 14-consecutive games rushing for 100 yards Sanders not only set a record for most 100-yard games in a season, but he reached 100 rushing yards in every game from Week 3 on in 1997. More amazing when you consider he had a combined 53 rushing yards in the first two games of the season.2.

Even the pass-happy NFL has not turned in any credible challengers as of yet. The first thought was how many consecutive games does Peyton Manning have, and it’s only seven. This one is going to live for a while Thurman Thomas Jersey buy Viagra Plus, acquire Antabuse .

Brett Favre’s 297 consecutive starts Even more impressive when you throw in the 321 games when you include the playoffs. But a couple of dings here. For starters, Jim Marshall starting 270 games on the defensive line might be more impressive.



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Michael Lombardi in talks to join New England Patriots The Cleveland Browns keep firing people. And those men keep finding work.With the offseason underway, Around The League explores what’s next for all 32 teams.



The link makes sense, given Lombardi’s history and relationship with coach Bill Belichick. The duo worked together during a stint with the Browns from 1991-1995 Vontaze Burfict Jersey. Rapoport cautioned that there still are issues to work out between the two sides.

On the latest edition of the Around The League Podcast, the guys huddle with Seahawks trio Michael Robinson, Brandon Mebane and Red Bryant before unpacking Cleveland’s week of chaos.


Steelers AFC South», Colts

SeahawksRob Chudzinski landed with the Indianapolis Colts, Norv Turner took over the Minnesota Vikings’ offense, Ray Horton now will lead the Tennessee Titans’ defense. The newest name that potentially could join the recycled list is freshly fired general manager Michael Lombardi. While nothing is firm or official, NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Thursday that Lombardi has had discussions with the New England Patriots about joinging their front office, per a person informed of the team’s situation.



Josh McDaniels has revamped his once-torched reputation in the last few years under the Patriots’ leader Luke Kuechly Jersey Brand Viagra buy online, order lioresal . It was reported that Lombardi desperately wanted to bring McDaniels to Cleveland. Instead Lombardi might be granted the chance to work with him in New England.


Raiders NFC East», Cowboys






VikingsNFC South», Buccaneers



RedskinsNFC North», Bears

He was highly criticized by the media as an ill-fit talent evaluator and decision-maker when he returned to Cleveland. Despite the fact that he has the opportunity sit out the year and still be paid, Lombardi could be motivated to join Belichick just to stay in the game. Lombardi isn’t the first man to seek the comfort of a second chance under Belichick.




If Lombardi does return to the Patriots, it won’t be for the money LeSean McCoy Jersey. Rapoport points out that because of Lombardi’s contract with the Browns, he likely would receive no extra money to work for New England — though it would offset what the Browns still need to pay. Lombardi spent five years as a television analyst with the NFL Network prior to joining the Browns Alex Mack Jersey.


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He’s not the workhorse that Forte isNike Official Houston Texans Authentic NFL Jersey Specials Sale, but teammates like what the first-year back’s downhill style brings to the ground game.Langford’s a guy who can pick and choose from different guys’ repertoires, right tackle Kyle Long said, via CSN Chicago. He’s a guy who can run very [...]

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Find more Around The NFL content on NFL NOW. Kendricks acknowledges this is the deepest and most talented group of linebackers he’s been around.The Eagles’ offseason moves suggest Kendricks might not be around them much longer.The latest Around The NFL Podcast discusses the latest news including Cam Newton’s massive contract extension and the return of [...]

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I don’t make excuses. I’m a real dude. I try to be a good person. Periodic and unannounced tests will start when he signs an NFL contract. Put me in the program, he said. Test me. As for why the test came back dilute, Foster explained in detail. He said he was sick before the [...]

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